I am Inma Hidalgo, I’m delighted by your visit.

Since I was a child I loved technology and understand how things work. “Why?” It is my favourite phrase.

I have lived in Ireland, Peru, USA and now in Germany, besides having lived in 3 different communities in Spain.

I write from my experience and my vision of the world.

Learning is my favourite thing in the world and sharing what I know.



I studied Industrial Technical Engineering with a specialty in Electronics at the University of Castilla – La Mancha (UCLM).

I obtained the Certification in Pedagogical Aptitude to be able to give classes in Secondary Education and Vocational Training at the University of Murcia.

I made the adaptation to European Degrees of my engineering, also at the UCLM.

And I have also done the Master in Technologies and Strategies for the teaching function in the multicultural society at the Online University of Spain (UNED).

In addition to various courses in Lean methodologies, use of ICT in education and educational methodologies.

Work Expirience

My first job was in a technological company where I carried out studies of the terminals and their technical documentation. My goal was to make manuals that really be consulted.

After that, during 5 courses I have given teaching in Electronics, Telecommunications and Computing in Vocational Training Courses.

I have also been Visiting Professor in the USA. I have created a website where I gather my experience and help so that teachers who are encouraged to this adventure can find useful information.

Since 2009, I am a volunteer at ONGAWA, with a year and a half working for the NGO in Peru analysing ICT projects of companies with a social component (the report can be seen here).

In September 2018 I launched into the world of online entrepreneurship. I have created Blue Zebra Labs to share resources, studies, experiences and reflections on education and technology. I also teaching online to university student, about Physic, Mathematics and Electronics. And I try to help others to learn how to learn


One of my passions is travelling, as I like it more when I go to work in another place and I can meet people in their day to day life. In Suelas Gastadas, I have my travel guides.

Read is my other passion, and is a way to learn and travel from home.

Any question, suggestion or idea that you would like to share with my this is the place:

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